Beta Testing slowly starts now!

We are pleased to announce that our private and public beta testings were all successfully.

We offer to mine:



stratum+tcp:// -u <YOUR_KEY> -p anything

You can acquire a key at:
1. Generate a key

Backup this private key, by saving it to a file on your computer and by printing it out. If you lose that key, nobody can help you to retrieve the key and so your earnings are lost!

You can also directly mine the following coins:

42-64x64 42 stratum+tcp:// -u <Your Public key or public 42 coin address> -p anything
Alphacoin-64x64 alphacoin  stratum+tcp:// -u <Your Public key or public alphacoin coin address> -p anything
Bottlecaps-64x64 bottlecaps  stratum+tcp:// -u <Your Public key or public bottlecaps coin address> -p anything
Dogecoin-64x64 dogecoin  stratum+tcp:// -u <Your Public key or public dogecoin coin address> -p anything
Einsteinium-64x64 einsteinium  stratum+tcp:// -u <Your Public key or public einsteinium coin address> -p anything

temporary disabled due to a “donation requirement”, which is not in the program code included yet.

Fastcoin-64x64 fastcoin  stratum+tcp:// -u <Your Public key or public fastcoin coin address> -p anything
Feathercoin-64x64 feathercoin  stratum+tcp:// -u <Your Public key or public 42 coin address> -p anything
Infinitecoin-64x64 infinitecoin  stratum+tcp:// -u <Your Public key or public infinitecoin coin address> -p anything
Krugercoin-64x64 krugercoin  stratum+tcp:// -u <Your Public key or public krugercoin coin address> -p anything
Litecoin-64x64 litecoin  stratum+tcp:// -u <Your Public key or public litecoin coin address> -p anything
Netcoin-64x64 netcoin  stratum+tcp:// -u <Your Public key or public netcoin coin address> -p anything
Noblecoin-64x64 noblecoin  stratum+tcp:// -u <Your Public key or public noblecoin coin address> -p anything
Potcoin-64x64 potcoin  stratum+tcp:// -u <Your Public key or public potcoin coin address> -p anything
Rubycoin-64x64 rubycoin  stratum+tcp:// -u <Your Public key or public rubycoin coin address> -p anything


You can use here also a key OR a (public) address of that coin.



stratum+tcp:// -u <YOUR_KEY> -p anything

You can also directly mine the following coins:

Vertcoin-64x64 vertcoin stratum+tcp:// -u <Your Public key or public vertcoin coin address> -p anything


Pool website:

We are still in beta. The Geting Started page does not show the correct information for AUTOS-WITCHING, please use above information.

At the page Worker Stats you should find your coin address or key as worker under the coin you are currently mining.

If you encounter any problems, please contact us via:   and open a ticket (Mining Here – Support)

or use our IRC channel #MiningHere (Freenode) for general discussions, …


We are still in beta! We try our best to fix as soon as possible, but only beta tester can find problems.

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