How can I multiply my coins?

What a Trading bot can do for you

We use a trading bot by ourselves and know therefore what a trading bot can do for you. Our success is 16.2% gain in average per week.

Can you do that?

What is a Crypto Currency Bot?

  • Its a tool
  • it follows your rules
  • it trades on up to 20 exchanges
  • it uses API calls
  • it has stop loss settings
  • it has tons of settings for fine tuning

… it’s just a TOOL!

  • it needs your attention
  • it trades only if your trade goal is reached
  • it stops trading if your goal is reached

… it’s just a TOOL!

  • it does not make you a million bucks in a few minutes, but it lets you sleep while it is working for you
  • it does not celebrate with you, but it helps you to get something to celebrate

… it’s the best TOOL you can get!

Ready for the bot?

To get more information about the trading bot, send me a personal message to ELMIT at

It requires you to have an account at

  1. login at
  2. click on MY MESSAGES (top)
  3. click on New Message (left column)
  4. To: Elmit
  5. Subject: Send me more information about the Trading bot

I will reply and guide you.