Crash course: How to get Bitcoins in Taiwan

Taiwan is a special island regarding Bitcoins. The Financial Supervisor has outlawed any BTC ATM machine in Taiwan, but there are about 2,800 Family Marts where you can buy BTC within minutes.



1. If you haven’t done so, go to the next Family Mart.





2. Go to the green FamiPort machine and click on the icon with the $ sign.




3. Click on the lower left icon with the Internet Explorer sign.




4. tick the small box.






5. Click Enter.






6. Type BTC

and click Enter





7. Key in your mobile phone number for the SMS you will receive later.




8. Type in your birthday. You can cheat here, nobody will notice it.




9. Enter the amount you want to use to buy BTC. Note, that there is a 25 NT$ handling charge!




10. Verify your data and click Print.





11. Take the slip and pay at the cashier.



12. While you are waiting for the SMS, make sure your phone has installed a wallet for Bitcoins. I use MyCelium on my Android phone. The text message will confirm your payment and give you a link to BitoEX web site. You can do this on your computer at home as well. I am so excited, that I do that right away in Family Mart.

13. Follow the link and it will confirm your payment again and ask you for your birthday. In the next line it asks for the Bitcoin address. In MyCelium you can copy the BTC address and paste it there in. Important: the BTC address starts with 1, so anything before 1 needs to be removed. Sometimes it copiesĀ  “bitcoin: 1….” – just remove all in front of 1. and click the button OK below.

14. BitoEX will give you a final confirmation, about the entire interaction (BitoEX transaction number, birthday, wallet address, exchange rate and the final BTC amount). Click the button below and in a short time, your wallet will announce the incoming BTC amount.

Since you are happy and got Bitcoins, you sure want to use them and make me happy. Below is my BTC address, you can tip me.

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