Why BURST mining is also for you


Ever wondered if you could be a miner by yourself?

Imagine to create crypto currency, just by …




In two previous posts I have written about a press release and about the other way of mining



I am pleased to announce:

MiningHere has also now a pool for Burst coins.

All you need to mine Burst coins is:

  • a computer (Windows, Linux, Mac)
  • Internet connection
  • three programs: Wallet, Plotter and Miner
  • option: a fast graphic card
  • … and plenty of free hard disk space.

Let me start with the last one. If you are mining Bitcoins or other Alt coins, you will need heavy (expensive) machines. As more hash rate you got, as more likely you will find coins.

Burst coin mining is different. The “hash rate” is created with free hard disk space. As more hard disk space you can offer, as more you are mining.

You can start with any size, but it makes only sense if you are in the Terra Byte range. You can add a USB-3.0 external hard disk. You can even use USB-3.0 hubs to connect multiple large drives, just for mining. The good thing is, if you don’t want to mine any more, you still can use the hard disks. With an ASIC miner, you can’t!

There are following programs available:

1. Wallet

Get the Wallet 1.1.5 https://mega.co.nz/#!r9RywR4b!e0MqN4kXx1uiW5th8PBxiwjOfdNhjxjS52UqXwihGW8
sha256: 5b8a5e9d2ebcc35052a885b299764ed257346f3c849e92768bd5b725ad685ac7
(source: ) Github: https://github.com/BurstProject/burstcoin

After running the wallet, you may need to wait a few minutes till the blockchain is loaded, access it through a web browser at the same computer: http://localhost:8125

Login with your pass phrase (anything longer than 35 characters) or just let the system give you a random password. DO NOT LOSE THE PASSWORD PHRASE, there is no way to retrieve it! DO NOT LOSE THE PASSWORD PHRASE. Print it, laminate it, put it into a safe box, …

When upgrading wallet, move burst_db folder into new wallet folder to avoid re-downloading the blockchain.

2. Miner

POCMiner: https://mega.co.nz/#!b0pzHajA!ERk068l5NS6kR7zdLdTgltqyPw3Z60lwAWvgXtNQNTk
sha256: fba1ba039fb94868f452c9724002cb85dc7a635384c2cef395cd1578e7031cac
(source: ) Github: https://github.com/BurstProject/pocminer

3. Plotter

You need to prepare your hard disk – ONLY once!
dcct’s plot tools (faster generator, plot optimizer, c miner): https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=731923.msg8879760#msg8879760
Janror’s cpu plotter (sse4/avx2): https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=731923.msg8878839#msg8878839
bipben’s gpu plotter: https://burstforum.com/index.php?threads/gpu-plot-generator.45/
sse4 linux cpu plotter: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=731923.msg9087973#msg9087973

Gui mining system: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=771063.0

Plot range checker: https://bchain.info/BURST/tools/overlap (thanks to dcct)

4. Mining guides

Windows mining guide: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=731923.msg8298999#msg8298999 (thanks to KSpinner)
Linux mining guide: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=731923.msg8299637#msg8299637 (thanks to TetraHect0rCannabinol)

Experimental windows mining gui: http://burst.today


After downloading, installing and reading you are ready. You have started your wallet, you logged into  your wallet, … and you cannot do anything before you got some coins. You can go out and buy coins at an exchange, but I will give you some for free.  Go to http://support.elmit.com

In this ticket you write the BURST address of your wallet. A BURST address looks like:  BURST-X2MY-DV84-GB2J-HCXZE

After receiving your ticket, I will send you some BURSTs.

As soon you see in your wallet that you got some bursts do following:

1. click on the left upper corner, where it says “No Name Set” and set a name you would like to remember your wallet. That cost 1 BURST, but luckily you have got from me 😉

After you have set a name the text below the Dashboard, reminding you that you have a new wallet will disappear.

2. go to the web site:

… that is on your computer, your running wallet 😉

Set reward recipient:

   <== Your pass phrase
  <== Key in 10681581906896806002This cost you another 1 BURST, but luckily you have got from me 😉

3. Plot your file:

Use the plotter for your system from above. You will need your NUMERIC WALLET address for that. In the wallet, you can click on the BURST address at the left upper part and a submenu will appear, click on “Copy Numeric Account ID” and it will be copied to your clipboard. DO CHECK THAT YOU PLOT FILES WITH EXACTLY THIS NUMBER IN THE FILE NAME

Plot file names look like::


The first part is YOUR Numeric Account ID, followed by the start address, followed by the amount of nonces, followed by the staggering size. All these values are separated with a ” _ ”

As higher the staggering size is, as faster you will be able to mine.

The amount of nonces depends on your free space: You can calculate that by (free space in kB) / 256 = nonces that fit on that space. However, this value must be dividable by the staggering size as an integer (no decimals).

Example: a 4 TB hard disk reports a free space of 3907010384 (kB)

Divide this number by 256 (kB) = 15261759.3125 possible nonces.

Divide the result with the staggering size (here:) 4000 gives you: 3815.439828125

Take only the part in front of the decimal point and multiply it with the staggering size 4000 gives you: 15260000  actually usable nonces!


While you are plotting you  can already start to mine with the miner you downloaded above.

At http://MiningHere.com:8001 you will find your and other miners success. The list of Current Round Shares will list your BURST address (without leading BURST-) with the best deadline (dl). As higher you are ranked, as more shares you earn.

From time to time watch your wallet to see BURSTs coming in.


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