Pressrelease about BURST coins



Introducing Burstcoin

The new Proof of Capacity coin


Burstcoin is the worlds first HDD mineable coin. It is based on NXT and uses a new algorithm, Proof of HDD Capacity (POC) for mining.

It is currently traded on Bittrex, c-cex and Poloniex.


Launched on August 2014
NXT based
Proof of Stake removed
No Premine
4 minute block time
2,158,812,800 coins total
Block reward starts at 10.000 / block, then decreases 5% each month
Uses POCminer made for this coin

How does it work?

Instead of mining with an expensive CPU/GPU/ASIC, Proof of Capacity allows the user to mine with their hard drive disc space.

Miners create so called “plot” files on their hard drive disks that act as a hashrate. So bigger HDD space used, bigger hashrate.

The miner then periodically scans each plot to see if it can mine a block. Between these scans, the hdd and CPU can stay idle. Once the blocks are counted, the miner knows how long it will be before these blocks can produce a new block.

So mining takes only a little of electricity, cpu power and network bandwidth.

References – Official website – block explorer / calculator – Official Burstcoin forum
IRC: Freenode, #burst-coin
Tutorial  about BURST mining

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