BURST – the other way of mining


There a several ways to mine. At the beginning it was just mining with the CPU, then somebody figured out that a graphic card is more useful and faster to do these monotone calculations.

Then they developed ASICs to do it even more faster.

However, the difficulty increases and so better machines are necessary and all these new machines have something in common: They need more electricity. Somebody already joked and said, we are buying the cryptocurrencies from the power companies.

There are also different algorithm and schemes like PoW (Proof of Work), PoS (Proof of Stake) and now also PoC (Proof of Capacity).

Exactly the last one I will explain more in detail:

BURST is the magic coin


BURST is the first and so far the only coin that is mined with really “cheap devices”, your hard disk space.

You can easily “upgrade” to a more powerful system by adding more space.

Hard disks also use a lots less on electricity.

With these advantages, everybody can mine!

How to start

I am not repeating other web sites. Just look at the page: http://burstcoin.info/

So you only need a wallet, a few coins, download plotter/miner and use your existing or additional hard disk. EASY!!!

You can solo mine or in a pool. However, to mine with a pool you need to give the rights to handle your coins to the pool and that cost 1 BURST. It is better to work with a pool, since a pool will most likely faster find a block and so the income will be shared with all other pool members.

Where to get this 1 BURST

If you have a Facebook account, and you have more than 100 friends, then this will help you: Go to https://www.facebook.com/1024TeraByte scroll down to my posting of October 12 with the title: My recommendation
Follow this instructions and you got yourself plenty of BURSTs to join a pool, to set an Alias, …

I don’t want to mine by myself

You can also participate on a mining group, that means you just buy shares and the group will use their hardware to share the profit according to your investment. More about that you also can read on the Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/1024TeraByte

I will post soon about special features of the BURST coin, you really will enjoy that!

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