I want to mine, but …


To mine is not difficulty, but the start is 😉

What you really need and how you can start in a few minutes, will be explained here.

What do you need?


First you need to know that mining is rarely a job you can do by your own. You need to find a pool where you can mine with other miners.

The difficulties of the coins are increasing and since there are more miners working on a coin, the chance that you will find the awarding block is getting smaller.

By forming a pool, anybody of the pool who finds the awarding block will share with all other miners in the pool.

Since you are on this site, you probably already know which pool I would suggest 😉

Our pool can be used for a single coin or for auto-switching.

Simple point your miner’s URL to the coins address, use as user name a valid coin address of that coin and as password anything you like.

A problem is when you use auto-switching, because you need to mine each coin with a valid coin address of that coin type. If the pool switches to another coin, then your user name must also change to the new coin’s address. To overcome that, you must mine with a KEY, which you can create at the page: http://mininghere.com:8000/key.html

Generate the key, which can be used to mine any coin on our pool. The generated key comes with a private key. Both keys you must save. There is no second chance. There is a function to download the keys, use them. Make sure you do have the keys downloaded, printed out, … As said above, there is no second chance!

Later we come back to this page, when we create the wallets!

Mining Hardware

You could use your cpu, your graphic card, or an ASIC miner. CPU/GPU mining is not anymore useful. ASIC miners are expensive.
However, you can rent a rig and mine in a few minutes.

Sign up at http://goo.gl/qGtoFR

Our auto-switching pool is currently only for scrypt algorithm. Select this type, and find a suitable mining rig. You can filter by area, or better by the Hashrate or the Hashrate price. Have also an eye on the stars this mining rig has as reputation. If the rig is available, click on the green Rent! sign. There you enter the time how long you want to rent this rig and it will tell you how much it cost. After paying you can start immediately to mine.

You are ready to mine!


While mining you can go for the next step: Find the wallet URLs at our page: http://mininghere.com/coins/ for each coin type.

Download and install each of the wallets, that are in the pool for auto-switching.

The pool pays any earnings, to the wallet address of that coin. The minimum of the payout is equivalent to about 10 mBTC.

If you mined with a key, then the system will actually use a wallet address, which you can retrieve when you go back to the page http://mininghere.com:8000/key.html

Enter your private key of your saved key and you can select on the next page a coin, where you retrieve the private and public key.

Download the wallets for each coin and follow the instruction, how to enter the private key to the wallet as described in the easy 1, 2, 3 steps at the bottom of page http://mininghere.com:8000/key.html


When you are mining you can see your progress on the web page:


Look at each tab to find your user name = coin or key address

That’s it! Enjoy mining!

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