Mining pool test successful

We are getting closer!

Yesterday we had a big test, where we simulated a lots of activities on the server, while mining with two rigs, each 85 MH/s.

It was fascinating to see at the backend the new found shares flushing by and the auto switching process collecting data and switching to the best performing coin.

We have not found any technical issues. We scanned the log files, not just the ones for mining, but also for the server at all. Nothing unusual logs found.

We are keen to go the next step, which is inviting more people to mine with our pool.

You will find more information about mining with our pool at:

We should get our miners next week and so add about 500 MH/s to the pool by ourselves.

Our ambitious goal is to reach 10 GH/s hashing power till end of the year.

What is next?

  • We start (today) to get more people to use our pool.
  • We add more information to the web site.
  • We are looking for (hardware ?) advertiser.

How can you help?

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